Dierks Bentley Talks About Getting Into TV

Country star Dierks Bentley says he’s learning a lot about the television industry as executive producer of a possible new comedy series.

“It’s like having a song on hold,” he told Cody Alan of CMT in a recent interview. “You write a song, and somebody puts it on hold, but that doesn’t mean that it will make the record.”

Last October, Fox announced that it ordered a pilot for the still-untitled project.

“It’s a long ways to go,” said Bentley. “We will see!”

The singer described it as “a Cheers of Nashville kind of thing.

“This show revolves around a bar in Nashville, and you have this great bar owner, who's seen it all, been everywhere, and is kind of like a Sally Fields-type character.”

Bentley said the show would have musician characters who are trying to make it in the city.

The country music star is an executive producer along with writer Jack Burditt (Modern Family, Last Man Standing).