Dustin Lynch Previews New Album 'Current Mood'

Dustin Lynch has revealed the title and release date of his third album.

Current Mood will be released on Sept. 8, with pre-orders available now.

We've already heard two tracks off the album, "Seein' Red" and "Small Town Boy.” The next track you'll get to hear is "Love Me or Leave Me Alone.” It's a song Lynch has been playing live for awhile, and says it hits him in the gut every night he sings it.

The country singer said he wanted to name the album Current Mood because it's a look behind the curtain of the last three years of his relationships and travels. Lynch said "each moment on this album is a different emotion and mood."

His goal as a songwriter and artist is to be there for someone that wants to party, or have a song for someone that wants to make love, and have a song for someone that's going through a break-up.

Current Mood is a collection of everything he has been through, so he knows it will resonate with a lot of people.

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