Ed Sheeran's Proposed Chapel Rejected

Ed Sheeran is going to have to go back to the drawing board if he wants to build a chapel on his property in England.

The Suffolk Coastal District Council has rejected the singer’s proposal, according to The Telegraph, because it would be “a jarring anomaly in the landscape.”

Sheeran sought permission to build a private chapel of flint and stone on his estate, complete with a 48-foot tower and distressed walls to make it look old.

Last month, the Suffolk Wildlife Trust said Sheeran’s property might be breeding grounds for northern crested newts, a protected species. He reportedly agreed to hire experts to search for the amphibians.

But now the newt issue is a moot issue.

“By opting for a clearly Christian style place of worship this application, rather than being sympathetic to landscape character, creates a jarring anomaly in the landscape, in that it would create a second place of worship in the same view as the existing village church,” a report from the Suffolk Coastal District Council reads.

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The council also criticized the planned faux-historical look and said the design “cannot decide if it is a whimsical folly or a serious facsimile.”

In his application, Sheeran said the chapel would be “a place of retreat for contemplation and prayer, for religious observance, celebration of key life and family milestones, marriages, christenings and so forth.”

But, one local resident said it’s intended as nothing more than a private place for Sheeran to marry fiancée Cherry Seaborn.

“The proposal is of no benefit to the village or its residents,” the citizen wrote, according to The Telegraph. “It has no historical value and quite frankly is not being constructed as a private place of worship, it is a wedding venue for the rich and famous and we all know it.”