Ed Sheeran Sets His Eyes On Fashion Investment

Ed Sheeran has the No. 1 single and album in the country right now, but the British talent also has his eyes set on extending his reign on the fashion world. According to a recent report from The Sun, the singer/songwriter invested in the street and skate-inspired clothing brand Hoax, a line that he's been rocking for years now. 

During his worldwide promotional circuit for ÷ (Divide), the pop star has specifically made it a point to rock plenty of garments from the line and it makes sense considering his reported stake in the brand, or at least according to a source close to the outlet.

"Ed is a huge fan of Hoax's stuff and has been wearing their clothes since he was a little boy," a source explained. "He knows the guys at the company and wanted to help them out as much as he could so he has invested in their business."

Back in January, Hoax announced that the singer was their latest brand ambassador. "Ed is a great supporter of local businesses," Hoax CEO Jason Carter said. "The Hoax brand has been around since 1994 and he has always been a big fan. We're stoked to have him as an ambassador representing Hoax worldwide."

Original article by James Dinh at iHeartRadio