Ewan McGregor's Daughter Shares Heartbreaking Song

An emotional song by the teenage daughter of actor Ewan McGregor is going viral this weekend.

“I don’t know to forgive / I don’t know if I can,” sings Esther McGregor, 16. “Ruining me sure made you a man.”

It’s believed Esther is singing about her 46-year-old famous father, who split from her mother Eve Mavrakis after 22 years of marriage.

McGregor, who recently cited “irreconcilable differences” in a divorce filing, is dating Mary Elizabeth Winstead, his co-star in the Alberta-shot series Fargo.

Their relationship first went public when photos appeared online of McGregor kissing Winstead in public.

“Seeing this pictures / they’re making me cry,” Esther sings. “Happy birthday to me, am I right?”

Esther recorded herself singing the song and posted it on Instagram. The caption reads: “Made you a man – by me.”

The teen is being praised online for her songwriting and her singing ability.

“You're very talented,” commented one person. “Keep doing what you do.”

Wrote another: “You should release this it’s good!!!”

Listen to Esther McGregor’s heartbreaking song below:

Made you a man- by me 🎸:)

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