Fake News Story About Radiohead Goes Viral

An article with the headline “Radiohead crowd left red-faced after applauding three minute guitar tuning, mistaking it for new song” went viral over the weekend.

Problem is, it’s fake news.

A screenshot of the story, purportedly from BBC News, spread quickly following Radiohead’s appearance Friday night at the Glastonbury music festival in the UK.

According to the bogus report, fans described the band tuning their instruments as their “best work since OK Computer.”

One fan described the new song as “minimalist, but also complex, emotionally raw, but still able to push the boundaries of what music can be.”

The since-debunked story appears to have come from the same Twitter account that posted a screenshot of a fake BBC News article headlined “Dave Grohl loses ‘nicest guy in rock’ title after Beck helps fan move sofa.”