Fans Petition For Release Of Martin Garrix, Ed Sheeran Collaboration

An online petition has been started to convince record companies to release “Rewind Repeat It,” the collaboration between Martin Garrix and Ed Sheeran.

The petition, created by Tristan Barraclough of the UK, comes after Garrix said in a radio interview that the track will probably never come out.

“It's all label issues and a lot of headaches,” Garrix said. “It was going to be an official track, so we postponed all my other singles, but the label delayed the track because they wanted to release other tracks from Ed first.

“At one point, it was two years ago, I didn't release a radio single for five, six months. So, then you get annoyed. So, I don't think we're ever going to release the track.”

On his petition, Barraclough says “There is really nothing to loose (sic)” by either Garrix or Sheeran and insists “the song would be a global success, as both Ed and Martin have a MASSIVE fanbase!”

Check out “Rewing Repeat It” below and add your name to the petition by clicking here.