Fans Slam DJ Khaled For Skipping Festival

Some UK fans of DJ Khaled are calling him out after he shared vacation pics on Instagram only hours before he pulled out of a festival appearance due to “travel issues.”

Khaled was supposed to be the headliner at the Wireless Festival in London’s Finsbury Park on Sunday night but was replaced by Canadian rap superstar Drake.

“Due to a scheduling conflict related to filming of the The Four, DJ Khaled was not able to commit to perform at Wireless Festival,” read a tweet from Wireless Festival. “Although we have known for a few months and tried to make it work, it wasn’t possible.

"We take responsibility for not telling fans sooner and want all Khaled’s fans in UK to know he truly looks forward to coming to UK to perform soon.”

On Saturday, Khaled shared a photo on social media of he and his son relaxing in a pool and captioned it: “Still on vacation!!!!!!!!” Later, he posted a photo from aboard a private jet.

“Who made you rich and famous? Your fans,” tweeted one. “Not keeping to your obligation is unprofessionalism. Travel issues? And you are in a pool? We hope you teach your son....a commitment is a commitment. Your fans deserve better.”

Another wrote: “Is this what is classed as travel issues?? or does travel issues mean youd rather travel on holiday rather than to london??”

When Khaled tweeted “Love is the most powerful thing!” a fan responded: “So is people spending their hard earned money to see you.”

Of course, those who remain unclear exactly what DJ Khaled does, couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.  One person had a message for Wireless Festival organizers. “All you had to do was pick up some lookalike and played ‘ITS DJ KHAAAAALED’ on repeat and no one would’ve know the difference.”

And another one...