Garth Brooks Announces New Single ‘Ask Me How I Know’

Garth Brooks knows a hit song when he hears one.

The country legend has announced the next single from his latest album Gunslinger will be “Ask Me How I Know.” 

The country ballad, Garth says, is reminiscent of his 2007 Lee Brice-penned “More Than a Memory.” 

“And when you start to fall, you’ll hold onto your pride,” Garth sings in the love song’s chorus. “Start building up your walls and never let her get inside/You’ll push her away ’cause that’s all you know how to do/And then she’ll leave and you won’t beg her not to go/Ask me how I know.” 

The storyteller in the song, penned by relatively unknown songwriter Mitch Rossell, pleas to a younger man to open up instead of shutting down in a relationship. 

Sneak a peek of the song hereGunslinger is available now.

Original article by Dustin Stout at iHeartRadio