Gary Oldman Honours His Friend David Bowie In A Tribute Concert

David Bowie would have been 70 years old yesterday (January 8).

Gary Oldman, an old friend of Bowie's, hosted a star-studded concert in honour of the legend. The first of a series of concerts to the memory of the Thin White Duke. Last night, Oldman played cover songs in London, along with friends Simon Le Bon, Mr Hudson, Gail Ann Dorsey, Def Leppard and others.

NME reported they sang more than 30 songs, selected by the host among his favourites. These included songs like 'Dead Man Walking,' 'The Man Who Sold the World,' or 'Starman,' and even the famous 'Let's Dance.'

Bowie also has a posthumous EP out, No Plan, which contains his final recordings.

Check out parts of the tribute show below: