Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson Project Nothing But A Rumour

Online reports that Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are embarking on a post-Rush project have been dismissed as “rumour” and “click bait.”

Eddie Trunk, a radio host and longtime friend of the Canadian band, said he was only speculating when he said recently that the two 64-year-old rockers were pondering a new act called Lee/Lifeson.

“Amazing that just talking as fans do on my show about what members of @rushtheband may or may not do can turn into major news headlines,” Trunk tweeted. “Sadly click bait/internet sites posting misleading headlines & RUMOR as fact. NOT the case & @rushtheband camp has NOT confirmed anything.”

The official Twitter account for Rush includes a retweet of Trunk’s clarification: “My comments & speculation on my radio show last week on @rushtheband w/a listener was just that! It is NOT in any way fact/reality!”

During his Aug. 18 broadcast, Trunk told listeners: “There has been talk about a band called Lee/Lifeson, which would be the two of them going out and doing stuff together.

“Maybe play some Rush tunes and make new music.”

Trunk said Lee and Lifeson, both 64, “are too classy” to perform as Rush now that drummer Neil Peart is “done done done” with music.

While Lifeson has spoken out about some health issues that could keep him from performing again, Trunk said Lee is “reinvigorated” and eager to “make music and continue in some way.”

Rush did their final tour in 2015.

Meg Symsyk, a spokesperson for Rush, told iHeartRadio: "With all love to Eddie Trunk, who is a friend of the Rush camp, his comments were his own opinion, purely speculative and not based on any fact, that the Internet happily ran without verifying.

"What I can tell you is that when and if Alex and Geddy decide to work together, that announcement will come from them, not a third party."