Gene Simmons Declares: 'Gotta have my Timmy's'

Kiss rocker Gene Simmons knows where to get his coffee when he’s in Canada.

“Tim Horton’s,” he tweeted Friday. “Gotta have my Timmy’s.”

The 69-year-old musician shared a photo of himself posing with employees outside the coffee shop.

The company responded with a tweet. “Thanks for the shout out… We’ll supply the coffee if you wanna rock and roll all night.”

Simmons was in Niagara Falls, New York on Thursday to promote his new soft drink brand MoneyBag Sodas at a local 7-11 store and stopped in Niagara Falls, Ont. on his way to Toronto, where he spoke Friday about investment in cannabis at the Toronto Money Show.

Simmons has been married to Canadian-born Shannon Tweed since 2011 – but with her since the early '80s.