George Michael's Family Calls For End To Memorials

The family of George Michael is asking fans to stop leaving flowers, candles and other tributes outside the late singer’s homes.

Memorials to the pop star, who died on Christmas Day 2016, continue at his homes in London and in Goring, about 80 km away.

A message on Wednesday from Michael’s father, sisters and friend David said although they are touched by the tributes, it’s time to move on.

“We feel we cannot expect our Highgate and Goring neighbours to continue to accept as normality, the memorials so personal to you all, to remain as and where they are any longer,” they wrote.

“Perhaps in his memory, you may want to ‘pay it forward’ and support, through either volunteering, or by way of donation, one of his favourite charities which, so many of you have already done to fantastic effect, or maybe some ‘random acts of kindness’ would be a fitting tribute.”

They asked for the memorials to be removed by May 27.