Halsey, Lauren Jauregui Team Up For Pro-LGBTQ Collab ‘Strangers’

Just as she wished, Halsey made the LGBTQ community proud with "Strangers," her duet with Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui off hopeless fountain kingdom, which is a sexy mid-tempo cut about the disintegration of interest between two females.

"Strangers" is probably the strongest of the already released tracks off from her upcoming LP and revolves around a love gone wrong, with several shining moments for the pair over some heavy '80s-esque synth. "We’re not lovers, we’re just strangers / with the same damn hunger / to be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all," the openly bi-sexual pair croons to magical results during the song's hook. Produced by Greg Kurstin, the track follows Halsey's previously-released "Eyes Closed" and "Now Or Never."

In a recent interview with Zach Sang, the 22-year-old pop star discussed "Strangers," admitting that she particularly recruited Jauregui to keep the song's narrative true to form. "I was thinking to myself, if I want this song to be believable, it needs to be real," Halsey said. "So I’m not going to put a girl on the song to sing who’s straight. I’m just not going to do it. So I reached out to Lauren and she came in and she cut the vocal and it sounds awesome."

hopeless fountain kingdom drops on June 2.

Original article by James Dinh at iHeartRadio