Halsey Revealed Her Album Release Date By Use Of Tarot Cards

Halsey appears to be a fan of the practice of tarot, as per Thursday's announcement surrounding the release of her sophomore LP, hopeless fountain kingdom.

After initial word about the follow-up to 2015's Badlands, the pop star took to social media to tease the album's forthcoming release. "the album, hopeless fountain kingdom drops on this day. thank you," she wrote, alongside three images of tarot cards with Roman numerals on each of them. With one glance at the images, it appears to spell out a date: 6/2/2017.

In late February, Halsey invited 100 fans to listen to four new tracks off her record in a church, and, well, according to the singer, they all cried over the new tunes. We appreciate all the thoughtful marketing. 

"I can't believe all the amazing people I've met and stories I've heard and tears I've shed. Badlands will always be my baby, my love," she previously wrote on Twitter. "But there are big things coming, and I didn't hold anything back."

Twitter / Halsey

Twitter / Halsey