Halsey Reveals Album Artwork For ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’

Halsey has continued to drum up excitement for her forthcoming album by sending fans on a wild goose chase. Several USBs were planted in cities across America with pieces containing the artwork for hopeless fountain kingdom.

The USBs came with instructions on how to upload them online. “Tweet the 2 images found on this drive along with the hashtag #FindMeInTheKingdom and the city you found this in,” they read.

Twitter / originoflash

Once the images were all uploaded, Halsey confirmed by sharing the artwork for the album on her own Twitter.

Twitter / Halsey

Not only did she share the artwork, but the “Colors” singer revealed that her single, possibly titled “You Can Find Me In The Kingdom”, would be released on April 4 at 3pm PST. “But first. Something is coming,” she teased on Twitter with the date and time of the single’s release.

Her full sophomore album, hopeless fountain kingdom, is set to drop June 2.