Halsey Shuts Down 'Whiny Little Baby'


Don’t come at Halsey for showing her Pride.

Last weekend, the pop star shared a pair of photos on Instagram showing her on stage in Brazil. In one, she is clutching the rainbow flag – the symbol of the LGBTQ community.

“peak bi gurl evolution,” Halsey captioned the pic.

But, someone with the user name @borasavage took issue with the image and commented: “Rainbow is the new marketing strategy.”

Halsey, who identifies as bisexual, was having none of it.

“There’s been a flag in my show for 5 years,” she replied. “You’re just not paying attention you whiny little baby.”

So there.

Two years ago, Halsey called out female singers who exploit same-sex hookups in their music. “Oh, yeah. Bisexuality as a taboo. ‘Don't tell your mom’ or ‘We shouldn't do this’ or ‘This feels so wrong but it's so right,’” said Halsey, referencing songs by Katy Perry and Demi Lovato.

“That narrative is so f***ing damaging to bisexuality and its place in society.”