Halsey Sparks Twitter War Over Hotel Shampoo

Some people on social media have worked themselves into a lather over Halsey’s complaints about hotel shampoo.

The kerfuffle began last Thursday when the pop star tweeted: “I’ve been traveling for years now and it’s been so frustrating that the hotel toiletry industry entirely alienates people of color. I can’t use this perfumed watered down white people shampoo. Neither can 50% of ur customers. Annoying.”

Halsey, 23, identifies as bi-racial because her father is African-American.

“you are one of the white people sweetie,” one person responded to her tweet. Halsey countered: “No. I am Not.”

When another person suggested she “bring her own shampoo,” Halsey replied: “I’m fortunate enough to be financially in a position to do so, but [people of colour] travelling frequently for work/medical reasons might not be. Just making a point is all!”

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As reaction continued to rage 24 hours later, Halsey tweeted: “Who knew me acknowledging that white hair care products are the national standard (while POC are confined to a tiny aisle) would piss so many people off. not sorry.”

This did nothing to calm the trolls.

On Saturday, Halsey tried again to step away from the furor.

“I’ve been to hotels with f***ing Hermès toiletries. The point is, people think ‘oh they just use normal cheap shampoo’ but that’s because u associate ‘normal’ with ‘white.’ That’s not everyone’s standard. End of story. I’m good on the shampoo debate now lol.”

But, someone named Chet Cannon tweeted: “Imagine being a 23-year-old multimillionaire, traveling the world to entertain legions of adoring fans, and being bothered by complimentary hotel shampoo…”

Halsey shot back: "I’m bothered by the idea white people are cool to participate in a luxury / convenience but POC cannot. It’s not about the shampoo. It’s a vehicle. Ur an idiot.”

She didn’t stop.

“It’s not just hotels,” tweeted Halsey. “I stayed in a psychiatric hospital as a teenager and they didn’t have hair products for any patients who were POC. It’s hard enough being in there as it is, but then ur gonna too feel ugly and dry n frizzy too? Nah. Anyways. Y’all still missing the point lol

“It’s about being made to feel unincluded. Which is, obviously, a far greater problem than shampoo. I never wanna talk about soap ever again lol.”