'Idol' Alum James Durbin To Front Quiet Riot

One-time American Idol contestant James Durbin has been tapped to replace Seann Nichols as lead singer of Quiet Riot.

Drummer Frankie Banali revealed the news to Germany's Rocks magazine, hinting that Nichols — whose vocals are featured on Quiet Riot’s new album Road Rage (our April 21) — didn’t fit in with the group.

"Seann has done a great job on the record, but a band is not just talented - you have to get together,” he explained. “We had to make the best decision for Quiet Riot. If there are problems so early in the cooperation, it's better to pull the emergency brake." 

Banali added that when he wrote material for Road Rage, he wanted to get Durbin to sing, but Durbin had other commitments. 

"I had to look for a replacement and Seann Nichols was the the third on my candidate list,” he admitted. “Of course, I would prefer James to be heard on Road Rage, but you can only work with the people who are currently available.”

Durbin, 28, finished in fourth spot on Season 10 of American Idol.

Don't expect him to appear in any music videos for songs on Road Rage, though. Banali doesn't want Durbin lip syncing to vocals that aren't his. Instead, Banali's already at work on an album with Durbin that he expects out next year. 

Original article by Dave Basner at iHeartRadio