iHeartRadio Music Festival: James Maslow Previews Kick-Off Set

Kicking off the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival is Rising Star winner James Maslow, who will be opening up the show on Friday night.

You may recognize Maslow from his former band Big Time Rush, but the 27-year-old released his debut solo album How I Like It this year.

Fans can watch the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival each night right here at iHeartRadio.ca.

“My album is by far the most personal thing I have ever put out into the world, and I can't begin to tell you the anxiety and fear that comes along with that,” Maslow told us.

“What if people don't like it? How are people going to judge me for it? Hell, what's going to happen next? But seeing the reactions thus far, and especially winning the Macy's iHeartRadio Rising Star contest with it, definitely puts some of those concerns aside.”

Maslow also previewed his iHeartRadio Music Festival performance on Friday:

It's going to start off with just the piano and his voice.

"I will probably start out playing a little piano, just piano and vocal to start the show"

A "dope drummer" will accompany him on stage.

"I'm going to be adding a drummer to my show, which i'm really excited about. I've been playing a stripped down set recently [and] we're definitely gonna up that. So look forward to a dope drummer."

He will be rocking some very bright shoes.

"Bright orange. It's not usually my style, but on stage, I like to push it a little bit. Orange shoes? I know. But I'm excited."

He's ready to bust out some dance moves.

"I think I am going to bring in some choreography to the set. Expect a little bit of dance, maybe even some dancers, which I think will be a lot of fun." 

Things will get sweaty. So front row, be prepared.

"Even though it's going to be a short set, I am probably going to be sweating a lot. So, if you're in the first few rows, hopefully you're excited about that, or grossed out. Either way, just be aware. I've said it. It's going to be a very intense, fast-paced opening of the show."

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