Jason Aldean Shares Adorable Bath Time Video


Jason Aldean on Monday appealed for help in figuring out what his son had to say.

The country star shared a video clip showing Memphis, who’s not quite 2 years old, getting quite a bit off his chest during a bath. At one point, Aldean is heard asking the expressive toddler: “What? What do you want?”

On Instagram, Aldean captioned the clip: “Can somebody please translate this for me???”

Fans were quick to offer their interpretations. Many thought they heard the boy mention McDonald’s while many said it’s obvious he’s asking for more bubbles.

One thing just about everyone agreed, though, was that Memphis is adorable.

Aldean's wife Brittany shared a bath time photo on her Instagram that she captioned: "CHEERS!! To being the cutest boy in the whole wide world!! And.... to not pooping in the tub again."