Jason Aldean Talks About New Album 'Rearview Town'

Jason Aldean has released his 8th studio album, Rearview Town – his first new collection since 2016's They Don't Know.

The album features 15 songs, including a collaboration with Miranda Lambert (“Drowns the Whiskey”).

Aldean calls the lead single, "You Make It Easy,” one of the fastest moving songs of his career.

“That's pretty impressive considering we've had some pretty big ones over the years,” he told iHeartRadio. “I knew there was something special about the song when I heard it and I thought people were gonna like it. To finally put it out there and see the reaction it's gotten from everybody has been pretty crazy.

“Glad that we picked that one for the first single and glad people are digging it like they are and can't wait to get on the tour and start playing it for everybody.”

Aldean also shared the meaning of the album’s title. 

“It's probably a metaphor for me. In my career and in my personal life, over the last few years, it's sort of been a little bit of a rollercoaster ride,” he explained. “So, I think to me the song means putting things that have maybe weighed you down a little bit, putting those behind you and looking ahead to what's down the road.”

The country star said Rearview Town is different from his previous albums in several ways.

“Throughout my career, we have had different albums that have sort of showcased different kinds of music, whether that be rock or whether that be a little bit of hip hop or blues or whatever,” Aldean said. “On this album, we sort of grabbed all those things and put them in one album, and it was really cool. We got some new people involved in the album this time around, as far as who was mixing the record and things like that, and I think just doing that makes the record sound completely different.”

He added: “The songs are really different in a sense that over the years there have been times where I would cut songs that were kind of tongue-in-cheek type songs to go with the record, and there is none of that stuff on here.

“I feel like from top to bottom, you listen to the record and it's just a cool vibe. It's just a cool album all the way through.”

Original article by Nicole Mastrogiannis at iHeartRadio