'Jeopardy' Contestants Can't Name Kendrick Lamar

Three Jeopardy contestants found themselves asking “Who is Kendrick Lamar?” on Thursday’s episode.

If only one of them had hit the buzzer and asked it out loud.

In the category “Recent R&B & Hip-Hop Hits,” one of the clues was: “Hitmaking was in his ‘DNA.’ He had ‘Loyalty.’ He was ‘Humble.’ & In ‘Love.’ — ‘Damn.’”

The clue, packed with the names of tracks on Lamar’s award-winning album DAMN. left contestants Rob, Catherine and Alan...well, without a clue.

It’s not the first time Lamar was the correct answer – or, more accurately, question – on Jeopardy.

Last year, lyrics from his 2012 song “M.A.A.D. City” were a clue on the popular game show. If nothing else, it was fun to watch 77-year-old Canadian host Alex Trebek rap: “Buy a chopper & have a doctor on speed dial, I guess, M.A.A.D. City.”