John Lennon’s Childhood Friend Pete Shotton Is Dead At 75

The Liverpool Echo has reported yesterday (Mar. 24) that John Lennon’s childhood friend Pete Shotton has died at 75 due to heart attack.

Shotton had befriended Lennon from an early age and remained a lifelong friend throughout his time in The Beatles. He even wrote an autobiography in 1983, titled John Lennon: In My Life, co-authored with Nicholas Shaffner.

In it, he details their stong bond. "My memories of the two of us go back so far that I barely remember a time when there was no John Lennon in my life," he writes in the book’s opening.

While at school together, the inseparable pair were known as “Shennon and Lotton”. Later on, Shotton was involved in the creation of two Beatles songs: "Eleanor Rigby" and "I Am the Walrus."

A documentary film is now being produced called Looking for Lennon, which will include Shotton’s story through accounts from friends.