Josh Ramsay Was Up For Role In Green Day Musical

Marianas Trench frontman Josh Ramsay said last week he wanted to star in the Green Day musical American Idiot.

In a Twitter reply to a fan’s question about potential Broadway aspirations, the singer wrote: “I was gonna do American idiot for mervish (sic) in Toronto a few years ago. But they decided they wanted an unknown instead. We were between albums, so maybe at some point I'll have time again.”

Mirvish, though, never cast a production of American Idiot. (The company hosted the U.S. touring production of American Idiot for six nights at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in March 2014.)

Ramsay may be referring to the now-defunct DanCap Productions, which assembled a largely Canadian cast in 2011 to premiere the national touring production of American Idiot at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

The show opened in December 2011 – one month after the release of Mariana Trench’s album Ever After – and starred Canadian actors Jake Epstein (Degrassi, Designated Survivor) and Scott J. Campbell.