Justin Bieber Loses Followers As Twitter Purges

Justin Bieber has lost nearly 3 million Twitter followers this week as the company purges fake accounts from users’ follower counts.

With 104 million followers – down from 106.7 million – the Canadian pop star remains the most-followed male on the social media platform.

Katy Perry, the world’s most-followed person, saw her count fall from 109.6 million to 107 million.

Rihanna went from 88 million followers to 86.8 million and. Britney Spears dropped to 56.2 million from 58 million.

Twitter said the process of locking and deleting dubious accounts will continue for a few more days, so many users will see their follower counts go down. The company said it expects the total follower count to drop by about six per cent.