Justin Bieber Surpasses 100M Followers On Instagram

Justin Bieber last week became the first male music artist to earn 100 million followers on Instagram.

The Canadian pop star is now one of only five artists to hit the milestone.

Leading the way is Bieber’s ex, Selena Gomez, whose 137 million followers make her the platform’s most-followed person.

Ariana Grande is close behind with 119 million, followed by Beyoncé (115 million) and Taylor Swift (108 million).

Bieber is one of only three guys with at least 100 million followers – soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo boasts 126 million and actor Dwayne Johnson has 106 million.

Bieber's fellow Canadian artists trail behind on Instagram – Drake has 42 million, Shawn Mendes has a little more than 31 million and The Weeknd has just under 18 million. 

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On Twitter, Bieber is one of only three people to have more than 100 million followers. With 106 million people, the Ontario native is second only to Katy Perry (110 million) and just above Barack Obama (103 million).

The closest male artist on Twitter is Justin Timberlake, who has 66 million followers.

Bieber is also the music artist with the most YouTube channel subscribers (39 million). The video for his single “Sorry” is the 7th most viewed on YouTube.