Justin Bieber Tells Fan: 'You Make Me Sick'

Justin Bieber let his Canadian politeness slip during an outing in Australia last week.

The singer was returning to his vehicle after grabbing some food in Melbourne on March 10 when fan Sabah Helal tried to snap a selfie with him.

“Look at your respect level,” Bieber said. “Look at you. You make me sick.”

His comments were caught on video.

“He was really rude about it,” Helal told an Australian radio station. “If he was a bit nicer about it, I would have put my phone down.

“He said, ‘No you’re invading my privacy. He was being really rude. I took the photo anyway because I thought when am I going to have this moment in my life?"

Maybe we should have Bieber's back. Can't a guy just grab some food without having to pose for pics?