Katy Perry Hands Out Cherry Pie In Times Square To Celebrate ‘Bon Appetit’

Katy Perry is sating fans’ appetites – both figuratively, with her new single “Bon Appetit”, and literally. The 32-year-old singer appeared in New York’s Times Square yesterday (Apr. 28) to personally hand out cherry pies to thank fans for listening to “Bon Appetit”.

Perry tweeted the song’s lyric (“Open 24”) with a photo of a food truck splashed across the side with the phrase “World’s Best Cherry Pie.” She hung around for some time, handing out pies and taking photos with fans while the single played on a loop. The pies were provided by Sweetery NYC.

Can’t get enough? The “Chained to the Rhythm” singer shared the recipe for the cherry pie she has been hawking on BuzzFeed’s Tasty website. “Bon Appetit”, a collaboration with Atlanta rap trio Migos, is the second single off of Perry’s forthcoming, as-yet untitled album. The album is expected to drop early this summer.

Twitter / Katy Perry