Khalid Reveals Sexual Assault By Fan

Khalid took to social media early Monday to recount being sexually assaulted by a fan.

“I go to talk to a fan and she grabs my ass,” tweeted the 19-year-old. “how f**kin old are we???”

The singer, who performed with Imagine Dragons on the American Music Awards on Sunday night, added: “I love interacting and talking to fans but I also love respecting others so don’t disrespect me when I’m being nice.”

Khalid said he ignored the grope because “I don’t like showing anger in front of anyone.”

He said “sexual assault/harassment happens on both ends and … it’s unacceptable” but added that he still wants to have a connection with fans.

“One s***ty person isn’t going to keep me away from anybody,” he tweeted. “I really love u guys.”

Last month, singer Harry Styles was sexually assaulted by a fan during a performance in L.A.