Kiss To Kick Off Massive Farewell Tour Next Year?

Kiss is ready to rock the world one last time, Gene Simmons has revealed.

The 68-year-old musician told Sweden’s Expressen the band’s farewell tour will run three years beginning next January.

“It will be our most spectacular tour ever,” he said. “We will go to all continents, but exactly where I can’t tell you now.”

Simmons said he and Paul Stanley will not reunite with original founding members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. “We are a family but just because you are a family [doesn’t mean] you can work together,” said Simmons.

If true, the tour will wrap up on the eve of the band’s 50th anniversary.

Last year, Simmons told Glasgow Live that Kiss will pull the plug with a big party. “I’d like to think we’d do something that rocks the planet, something big and worldwide and maybe free.”