Lady A's Charles Kelley Opens Up About Having His Son On Tour

Lady Antebellum has been spending the summer on the road with the Summer Plays On Tour and the trio's kids (six in all) have been tagging along.

Charles Kelley recently opened up to People about what it's like having his wife Cassie and two-and-a-half-year-old son Ward on tour with him.

Kelley believes Ward has been on over 100 flights and has visited several continents. Though he's not quite old enough to understand the concept of world travel, he is like a “sponge.”

During a recent trip to Amsterdam, Ward was "enamoured" by all the bicycles.

“I thought, ‘Buddy, you’ve seen more in 2½ years than I ever saw in my 24 years of existence until this band,’” Kelley said. “I still love the South, I love Georgia, but there’s just so much beauty in the world.”

The 36-year-old admits the reason for bringing his son on the road is "selfishly" so he can watch him grow up. He also simply feels happier when his family's around.

“My wife and I have such a strong relationship that it’s just so much better when they’re out with me," he explained. "Having them with me is so cozy. I also don’t want Ward to grow up [and] be like, ‘I never got to see my dad — he was always traveling.'

“He’s got such a unique situation to be able to see the world that most kids don’t have.”

Original article by Katrina Nattress at iHeartRadio