Lee Ann Womack Releases ‘The Lonely, the Lonesome, and the Gone’

Country singer Lee Ann Womack is back with a new album The Lonely, the Lonesome, and the Gone which was released on Friday.

After rising to fame in the ‘90s and releasing her memorable hit “I Hope You Dance” in 2000, Womack doesn’t seem to care so much about airplay these days, but is more intent on capturing what inspires her and singing from the heart. The new album is a more personal collection from the Texas-native and offers touches of country, gospel, soul and blues.

“I have something that has been in me since I was a little girl – a certain kind of music – that has to be made,” Womack said of the new album. “I’m just letting the music in me come out, and let the chips fall where they may. … I have to do what I feel like I was made to do.”

Along with the release of the new album, Womack has also announced a 2018 North American tour, with a Toronto date set for Jan. 24.