Liam Gallagher Apologizes For Homophobic Tweets

Liam Gallagher swears he is not homophobic, despite frequently using gay slurs on Twitter.

“I’ve got gay friends, hang out with them constantly, 24/7, girls and guys,” the former Oasis musician told The Guardian. “They know I’m not.”

Gallagher was called out for a Twitter rant last month in which he referred to “bum chums.”

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The rocker said he “didn’t mean it in a homophobic kind of way.”

Gallagher added: “I know a lot of people go, ‘Well, that’s what you would f**king say’, but I didn’t mean it in the way that people presumed or assumed I meant it.

“I shouldn’t say them things. I didn’t know it really upset people, but if it did, I apologize about it.”

Two years ago, Gallagher apologized for using gay slurs in another Twitter rant about Russian soccer fans.

“If I've upset anybody with my tweets I apologize,” he wrote.