Linkin Park Forgives Korn Guitarist For Suicide Remarks

Linkin Park has forgiven Korn frontman-guitarist Brian ‘Head’  Welch, after he made some controversial remarks following Chester Bennington’s death.

Welch posted on Facebook shortly after news broke about Bennington’s suicide: “I just kinda lost a lot of respect for you.” He called the death "cowardly."

The guitarist later apologized in an Instagram post, explaining “I spoke from a broken heart, a shattered heart, devastation and grief. And I would have worded it different… I learned not to process grief online. And apologies to any of his fans — I meant no disrespect. I was shattered, I was heartbroken and so sorry for my good friends that have been so close to him.”

Thankfully, now all seems to be forgiven in the rock world, as Welch posted on Instagram Friday that he will be joining Linkin Park – along with Korn bandmate Jonathan Davis – for the upcoming memorial concert for Bennington on Oct. 27 in Los Angeles. This will be the first time the band has performed together since the unexpected loss.