LISTEN: Céline Dion Releases Beauty And The Beast Song ‘How Does a Moment Last Forever’

Ahead of the blockbuster’s release in theatres next Friday (Mar. 17), the soundtrack for Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast has landed on streaming services.

Among the songs are a new ballad from Céline Dion, who returned to record a song 26 years after recording the title track for the 1991 original. (Though the film version was sung by actress Angela Lansbury).

The song, titled "How Does a Moment Last Forever," was written by composer Alan Menken – the same person behind the music from the original. Dion’s song plays over the movie’s credits.

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"How does a moment last forever? / How can a story never die? / It is love we must hold onto / Never easy, but we try / Sometimes our happiness is captured / Somehow, our time and place stand still / Love lives on inside our hearts and always will," Dion sings.

Listen to “How Does A Moment Last Forever” below: