LISTEN: Dustin Lynch Drops ‘Small Town Boy’

Dustin Lynch is getting real, he’s getting sexy and he’s getting real sexy in his fresh new single. 

The country star officially dropped “Small Town Boy” yesterday (Feb. 17) at country radio, revealing the tantalizing track is about falling in love with the best and the worst of a person. 

“‘Small Town Boy’ is about being in love with someone for who they are and what makes them unique,” Dustin says. “I grew up in the small town of Tullahoma, TN, and that town made me who I am. It’s somewhere I long to always go back to and visit ... my family is still there. So this song reminds me of my hometown and what true love really is – that’s being in love with the real in somebody and not the fake.” 

“Small Town Boy” is the second single, following his most recent No. 1 “Seein’ Red,” on his forthcoming third studio album. Lynch opened up about the project in a new interview with Cody.

“It’s a lot about love, there’s a lot of sex on it,” he reveals exclusively. “I step back and I go, ‘Wow! This is pretty hot.’ It’s an open book. I’ve fallen out of love and hated it and then kind of been OK with being alone. And I’m still in that spot. I’ve gone through a lot of emotions the past two years in my personal life.” 

Dustin is currently performing before sold-out crowds on Florida Georgia Line’s Dig Your Roots Tour. 

No official word on an album release date for Dustin just yet. Listen to the song below:

Original article by Dustin Stout at iHeartRadio