LISTEN: Guitar, Bass Switched On 'Sweet Child O' Mine'

If you dive into the anatomy of any major hit song one thing you'll most certainly find is a great arrangement. 

Guns N' Roses' 1987 track "Sweet Child O' Mine" is no different, thanks to the brilliant interplay between Slash's lead guitar and Duff McKagan's bass.

In a new video, YouTuber Danilo Vicari highlights the song's instrumental brilliance by transposing Slash's guitar parts for bass and McKagan's bass parts on guitar. 

If you've ever focused on McKagan's bass in the song, you would have noticed how melodic it is. Turns out it holds up incredible well as the guitar lead! 

"Sweet Child O Mine" was the third single released off GNR's watershed debut album Appetite for Destruction and is one of the biggest hard rock ballads of all time. 

The song was the band's first and only No. 1 single and launched GNR into legendary status.

You can't go into a guitar shop for more than a half and hour without hearing Slash's iconic lead guitar intro. 

"Sweet Child O' Mine" has been covered so often that even Slash once said it makes him sick. But Slash has probably never heard the song like this.

Check it out:

Original article by Andrew Magnotta at iHeartRadio