LISTEN: James Blunt Offers Sheeran Antidote 'Make Me Better'

James Blunt took to Twitter on Friday to pose a question: “Fed up of @edsheeran in your feed?” 

The singer offered a solution. “Here’s a new song of mine to listen to instead.”

But, there’s a catch.

“Oh… I wrote it with Ed.”

Blunt’s clever tweet linked to “Make Me Better,” a song off his new album The Afterlove, which comes out March 24.

It’s the fifth studio collection from the former British army captain, who exploded onto the music scene in 2007 with the massive hit “You’re Beautiful.”

“Make Me Better” (also written with Johnny McDaid) is one of two songs Blunt co-wrote for the album with his pal Sheeran — the other, titled “Time Of Our Lives,” was also co-written by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic.

Blunt collaborated with Tedder on two other tracks and wrote a pair of tracks with Canada’s Stephan Moccio.

The 43-year-old singer has been, well, blunt about his early success. On his Twitter profile, he describes himself as “proof that one song is all you need.”

On the first single from The Afterlove, “Love Me Better,” Blunt cheekily sings: “Saw you standing outside a bar / Would have said ‘You’re beautiful’ but I’ve used that line before.”

Blunt is also a master at shutting down his haters with self-deprecating replies on Twitter.

“If you thought 2016 was bad,” he tweeted in December, “I’m releasing an album in 2017.”