LISTEN: Jason Aldean Channels R&B Influences On 'Girl Like You'

Jason Aldean is taking a detour for the third single off Rearview Town.

After the straightforward country sound of "Drowns the Whiskey" — the album's second single, featuring Miranda Lambert — "Girl Like You" has the country star showing off his R&B influences. This isn't the first time the 41-year-old has dabbled in hip-hop, as it's reminiscent of Aldean's 2017 single "Burnin' It Down."

"I’ve never met a girl like you / That’s ever done it quite like you do / Your kiss is double barrel bourbon on the rocks / Your lips are just cherry on top," Aldean croons in the chorus. "I’ve never been high like this / Turn out the lights and let me breathe you in / Your eyes are so diamond, body so gold and I don’t wanna let you go / I’ve never met a girl like you."

Watch the lyric video for the sexy new single below:

Original article by Katrina Nattress at iHeartRadio