LISTEN: Lana Del Rey Gets Sensual With The Weeknd On New Single ‘Lust For Life’

Lana Del Rey continued the rollout for her new album, Lust for Life, on Wednesday (Apr. 19) when she delivered the world premiere of the title track, which features The Weeknd, to BBC Radio 1.

LDR's lead single from her fourth studio album is a twinkling mid-tempo track, which was produced by Rick Nowels (Adele, Jamie xx) and hears the pop star incorporate the timeless doo-wop sounds of the 60s. For the grand chorus, the pair offers delicate vocals as they trade lines about their sensual romance. "In a lust for life, in a lust for life/ Keeps us alive, keeps us alive," the duo sings during the hook.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, LDR spoke particularly about Abel's contribution to the lead single. "I really felt like he added so much to it. It was the perfect track for him to join me on," she explained, before revealing that she plans on dropping a few more cuts that mirror the grand styling of "Lust for Life." 

In late March, Lana unleashed news about the follow-up to 2015's Honeymoon with a two-and-a-half minute video trailer. In the Twilight Zone-esque announcement, Lana told viewers that she now resides in the "H" in the famed Hollywood sign. "You know, in this town, an artist really needs a lot of space when they're trying to create something special. A place to cultivate a world of their own, far away from the real world that’s around them," the 31-year-old explained. "Luckily for me, I live right inside the middle of the 'H' of the Hollywood sign, and this is how I spend most of my nights, perched high above the chaos that swirls within the City of Angels below."

Listen to Lana Del Rey's "Lust For Life" featuring The Weeknd below!

Original article by James Dinh at iHeartRadio