LISTEN: Lights Covers 13 Tracks From Drake's 'Scorpion'

Canadian electro-pop artist Lights has recorded acoustic covers of every song on Side B of Drake’s blockbuster new album Scorpion.

“Because I’ve been feeling extra since Scorpion came out i decided to cover the ENTIRE SIDE B,” Lights tweeted on Monday. “produced/engineered/performed by me. 13 songs. Pour up a glass and listen.”

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The B.C.-based mother of 4-year-old Rocket Wild, with husband Beau Bokan, is sharing her interpretations of Drake’s new music on Soundcloud.

Lights, 31, released her own album Skin & Earth last year and created a comic book series (in which a "BAD PAPI" license plate on a car is a nod to Drake).

Listen to the covers below: