LISTEN: Lorde Releases Piano Ballad ‘Liability’

Lorde has launched into the troposphere with her comeback, releasing the first single “Green Light” last Thursday (Mar. 2) and now the follow-up, slow jam “Liability.”

The new track is off of her upcoming album Melodrama, and is a piano ballad written by songwriter Jack Antonoff. It seems a slight departure from her earlier work.

Speaking of the song with radio host Zane Lowe, Lorde said, “I love the song so much and it feels so starkly truthful to me. And I think everyone knows what that’s like, to just feel like a fucking liability.”

She also described the song, saying, “the tone of the melody, the way it kind of falls around, it’s almost like it’s kind of drunk or it sort of leans around, it’s got this hip-hop cadence to it.”

The New Zealand singer announced via Twitter that Melodrama will hit shelves June 16. Listen to “Liability” below: