LISTEN: Miranda Lambert Gets Named Dropped In New Country Song

You know you’ve made it when your name becomes a lyric in a country song. 

Canaan Smith’s new single “Like You That Way” name drops Miranda Lambert, using her name as an adjective to describe the type of crazy he loves about his significant other. 

“Ain’t nothin’ ‘bout you, baby, I wanna change/Girl, you’re Miranda Lambert crazy and I like you that way,” Canaan sings in the chorus of “Like You That Way. “You keep the sunshine in your pocket and the rain on a chain/Yeah, you’re a little complicated, but I like you that way.” 

Canaan wrote the track, which is about embracing the flaws of your better half, with Jesse Frasure and Brett James, who co-write Miranda’s “Somethin’ Bad” duet with Carrie Underwood.

Hear Canaan’s performance of “Like You That Way” below:

Original article by Dustin Stout at iHeartRadio