LISTEN: Mitchell Tenpenny Debuts 'Walk Like Him'

Ahead of his debut album Telling All My Secrets, which comes out Dec. 14, singer-songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny recently shared “Walk Like Him.”

The track was co-written with Justin Ebach and Steven Dale Jones.

It took a long time for Tenpenny, who lost his father to cancer four years ago, to come up with the words for “Walk Like Him.” It wasn’t until three years after his father died that inspiration struck late one night while driving his band’s van while everyone slept.

“There was just something about the loneliness and everything, realizing that my dad’s not there," the Nashville native told People.

Everyone in his family had always said Tenpenny walked like his dad. He took that idea beyond the physical.

Tenpenny found healing through writing the song and hopes listeners find comfort as well. “Hopefully [it will] help somebody else, to connect and say, ‘We’re all in this together.’”

Beyond his music, Tenpenny has found other avenues to help people. Earlier this year, he founded The 10Penny Fund to provide inspiration and support to cancer patients beyond traditional medical treatment. It was formed and designed to motivate patients, encourage healing and build a community of support like Tenpenny's family found following his father's battle. 

Listen to "Walk Like Him" below:

Original article by Chandler Reeves at iHeartRadio