LISTEN: Ratt, Marvin Gaye Mashup Is An Instant Classic

Like chocolate and cheese and oil and water, there are certain things you just don't mix. Apparently, Bill McClintock didn't get that memo and he's been proving that theory wrong by creating some of the craziest (and catchiest) mashups under the radar of the internet.

In what some are considering his magnum opus, McClintock took the hairspray-drenched, sleaze rock riffs of Ratt's "Round and Round" and jammed the soulful lyrics of Marvin Gaye's "Heard It Through The Grapevine" on top of it. The results are unbelievably catchy. 

This may be the mashup of all mashups. Listen to "I Heard it Round and Round the Grapevine" below:

Original article by Sam Valorose at iHeartRadio