Liteyears Pulls Out As Opening Act For Hedley

Toronto band Liteyears pulled out of Hedley’s concert Monday night in Quebec City, only hours after a woman accused Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard of sexual assault.

Liteyears was scheduled to be the opening act at the Videotron Centre but the venue announced via social media that only Hedley would perform.

So far, there has been no comment from Liteyears.

The cross-Canada Cageless tour was originally supposed to feature openers Neon Dreams and Shawn Hook.

Neon Dreams bailed after eight shows, shortly after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced online.

“We can no longer in good conscience continue on the Cageless tour,” read a statement from the Halifax band. "We understand this choice could negatively impact our band professionally but in the end we have to do what we feel is morally right.”

Hook also pulled out, tweeting:  “After further consideration, I have decided not to continue on this tour, effective immediately.”

Hedley said last week it doesn’t intend to pull the plug on the tour.  “The easy thing to do would be to cancel the tour and hide. We don't intend to do that,” they vowed in a statement. “We intend to start making positive changes, starting right now.”

The Cageless tour hits Kingston on Tuesday night and runs until March 23.