Louis Tomlinson Proposes Free Meet-And-Greets

Louis Tomlinson has proven once again how much he cares about his fans. The 26-year-old artist replied to a fan's tweet on Saturday that argued that the concept of paying to meet a celebrity was pretty weird.  

"I have to say I agree with this to a certain extent," he tweeted back. "I don't think it's a fair system.”

He wasn't just all talk, either. Tomlinson continued to engage with fans about the issue, attempting to work out a better way to organize his own personal meet-and-greets. 

He replied to one fan and revealed he was "thinking about doing some kind of competition to make it fair." One Direction fans have shown time and time again how creative and dedicated they are, so a competition could be the way to go. Tomlinson added "it shouldn't be about who has the most money," as well.

While nothing is set in stone yet about how Tomlinson will ultimately conduct his meet-and-greets, one thing is for certain: he wants to make the process as fair as possible. 

Check out Tomlinson's latest music video for "Miss You" below:

Original article by Emily Lee at iHeartRadio