Mac DeMarco Shares Pic With Tom Hanks

Canadian musician Mac DeMarco posed for a pic with Tom Hanks backstage at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday – while wearing a T-shirt with a drawing of Hanks on it.

The B.C. singer shared the photo on Instagram.

DeMarco is sporting a T-shirt with a cartoon titled “DeMarco Code” in which Hanks is seen holding up a Garfield comic strip and saying: “The Book of Revelation speaks of a being called Sivad Mij. He is said to be the bringer of the apocalypse… Don’t you see it DeMarco? Sivad Mij backwards is Jim David, creator of Garfield! My God what is he trying to show us in this strip?

“We must warn the Vatican immediately!!”

DeMarco, who performed “One Another” on The Late Show, captioned the celebrity snap: “Had a #gr8time.”

Had a #gr8time. Big #love to @jonbatiste. Another hot #T from #yrboi @matthewvolznyc

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