Mac Miller's Ex Shares Memory

Mac Miller's ex-girlfriend and high school sweetheart, Nomi Leasure, has spoken out after the rapper's tragic death on Friday.

Leasure, who reportedly dated Miller for more than six years, shared a heartbreaking anecdote on social media following the news of his death.

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"Wrote this nearly a week ago, about a person who forever changed my life," Leasure captioned a screenshot of the post she'd written on Tumblr via Instagram, seemingly about a time the two saw each other at a bar.

“Two years had passed between when they had lived at the apartment around the corner and this conversation. There was a lot to catch up. A  lot to get straight," Leasure wrote in the story. "If you had seen them sitting there you’d determine he liked pale ales, she was getting tipsy and was trying to be restrained. He had a lot to unload. A lot of untruths to untangle from the headlines. And she had always been a good listener."

Throughout, the old flames reminisce and reckon until the tale reaches what seems to be a moment of closure: "They are old friends you’d conclude. Only old friends with a lot of lost time would sit here till closing. Neither had anything to prove, though they each urgently needed to be understood."

Read Leasure's full Tumblr post here.

Original article by Paris Close at iHeartRadio